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"The novel ‘Frankenstein’ by Marry Shelley is a very famous gothic novel and has sold many copies till date. It is a compelling book that has managed to grab the attention of audiences since day-one. According to some, the monster of Frankenstein is symbolic of the industrialization that created havoc and destruction in Europe in the nineteenth century. However, according to others, it stands for the fears in the writer’s mind to changing times and new events. The novel is often classified as gothic since it dwells on mystery and the supernatural world. The setting is that of dark, sublime and exotic, making the reader uneasy. And, the ‘double’ feature only adds to the mystery and the sensation for the reader. According to some critics in the past and present, this is the first extant scientific novel written in English language. The writing style of the author is truly remarkable and is the main highlight of this book. The plot of the book has been well thought of and it has all the essentials that make a book a classic. It has the right dose of love, suspense, friendship and, quintessential to this book, human psychology. The book provides the reader with an understanding on life in a totally new and refreshing manner."