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The book is really excellent – a great bridge between the orthodox and the unknown.’ Professor Karol Sikora, Consultant Oncologist.

In The Healing Journey, he provides a guide to achieving optimum health, well-being and happiness. Drawing on his own work and the research and experiences of leading healers, doctors and medical scientists around the world, he explains how our emotions are integral to our health and examines the amazing benefits of nutrition, prayer and positive thoughts. Inspired by his wife’s successful battle with cancer, Matthew Manning offers insight, inspiration and solid information for everyone who want to improve their health and well-being. Explains the link between your mind and your body. Reveals how to harness your positive emotions to enhance your health. Shows you how positive thoughts and images can aid the healing process. Explores the power of prayer and meditation. Provides some of the latest research into alternative treatments and scientific findings.

Contains an understandable overview of how our immune system works
Includes simple and effective self-healing techniques.